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My Last Post on Trump August 9, 2016

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I was writing another post about Trump supporters, ready to declare my intention to leave the US in the event of a Trump presidency when I caught myself in the thought that feeding our collective addiction to righteous indignation is what got us here in the first place.


Donald Trump is but a symptom of some long standing issues of unbridled capitalism, culminating in a culture of ego worshipping and rampant materialism. However, whatever happens to his candidacy, I believe the best response is to do your best to ignore it. Yes, a Trump presidency will likely be a series of disasters, some of which may be difficult or even impossible to recover from. But we need to deal with the world as it is, not to escape into childish fantasies of how it ought to be.

Some 40 percent of this country support Trump, that’s the reality we must face head on to have any chance of changing it. It’s not to say I give any credence to Trump and anything he stands for. But if all we do basically amounts to being mad at Trump supporters, we are no better than they are. We need to focus on being the well adjusted adults our society so desperately need us to be.

I am not naive enough to think that it’s just a matter of miscommunication, that all we really need to do is to “educate” people. No, Trump supporters are not going to be moved by pontifications about equality and human rights, nor pleads of cooperation and mutual self interest. But whatever they are, they are not monsters. Most of them are decent, hardworking people who have been sold out by their politicians. They think Donald Trump is their best chance of being heard, because he speaks their language. Even if what comes across often seem like nothing but snarls, we need to understand what they are trying to say, not criticize how they are saying it.

No, I don’t know how to prevent a Trump presidency. No, I don’t know any Trump supporters. However, I have resolved to not complain about Trump or his supporters, and to not run away if Trump wins presidency. Why not? Because even if I thought I was a Jew in Germany, 1939, where would my America be?


Short Story #1 February 10, 2015

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Alyson is getting to the age when she feels the ticking of her biological clock louder each day. But the price you pay for becoming a multimillionaire at the age of 35 is that all the good ones are taken, at least the ones you know. An ever present challenge for the rich is figuring out if someone is interested in you or your money. So it’ll have to be someone she has known for a long time.

All the good ones were taken, except Jack, that is. Jack has known Alyson since they were next door neighbors at the age of four, and have stayed friends ever since. Like Alyson, Jack is successful on his own. He’s recently divorced, luckily with no children. He’d be ideal, except he’s never seen Alyson “that way”, or so he says. However, this might have something to do with the fact that Alyson is the first plus sized supermodel in the world.

Alyson is not the kind of woman who accepts her fate quietly, even if she did make the conscious choice to engorge herself in a calculated move to go after the nascent plus sized niche. The truth was, she had the perfect body for conventional modeling, but decided it was worth trading it off for a shot at superstardom. That decision has made her more money than she could spend in many lifetimes, plus the name recognition to build whatever empire she wants next. But whereas a man in her position would not exactly lack for ladies’ interest, her suitors were few and far between. Some things are just never going to be equal between the sexes.

Alyson approached this problem the same way she approached everything in her life, a head on attack with the subtlety of a battle axe, yet always with an unusual twist. The kind that was obvious in hindsight, but for some reason nobody ever saw it before she did.

If my plus sized body is considered inferior by the standards of conventional beauty, it is the standards of beauty that needs to change, and fast! Alyson thought, before the idea revealed itself in the typical (to her anyway) blinding light fashion. A nudist colony full of beautiful plus sized models! She decided to call it – Radiance.

A couple of years later, the idea took off like a rocket, like Alyson knew it would. She was soon on the cover of many magazines, including Playboy! Radiance spawned a burgeoning media empire by becoming the center of the fat acceptance movement that has increased in size explosively, so to speak, in recent years. For her impeccable timing, her bold imagination, not to mention her unshakable faith in herself, she was rewarded with a ballooning net worth, as her popularity soared to the peak of her career.

Finally, Alyson feels like she has accomplished enough in her life to devote the rest of her life to simply being a mother. That’s all she ever wanted at this point, said Alyson to herself, not much to ask, really. In other words, now that she’s had her cake, she would like to eat it now, too, please.

So the moment of truth. She invited Jack over for dinner tonight. She’s going to approach this the same way she approaches everything else – a head on attack with the subtlety of a battle axe, yet always with an unusual twist…

Apple vs. Microsoft November 16, 2014

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Came across this on Quora today.

“If you ever installed Microsoft Windows in the 90’s or early 2000’s you probably remember the interminable wait which happened after the OS was installed the the computer booted up for the first time. The scads of little applications which the OS included – the calculator, the calendar, notepad, and so on (which, let’s face it. hardly anybody ever actually used) had to initialize themselves and their registry settings for the first time. Each one was individually trivial, but collectively this little ritual added a long time – I remember it as being 30-40 minutes, but perhaps my memory exaggerates – to the process of installing a new copy of windows.

My informant told me that it would have been simple to include the initial files with the Windows. He said, however, that this was not done because the person(s) at Microsoft who did the final build of Windows release candidates didn’t like waiting thirty or forty minutes every time the release candidates were built and tested.  So, they decided to save themselves half an hour a few times during the release cycle by not including the settings…

…thereby sentencing every one of the tens of millions of people who installed Windows during that decade or so to an extra half an hour of waiting.

My guess is that this system affected something like 50 millions installations of Windows. At half an hour a apiece, that totals a bit more than 2,891 years of wasting other people’s time – including leap years. It’s the Great Pyramid of time wasting, the Taj Mahal of using other people’s precious moments on earth like disposable handi-wipes.”

Now compare that to this better known story about Steve Jobs:

One of the things that bothered Steve Jobs the most was the time that it took to boot when the Mac was first powered on. It could take a couple of minutes, or even more, to test memory, initialize the operating system, and load the Finder.

One afternoon, Steve came up with an original way to motivate us to make it faster. Larry Kenyon was the engineer working on the disk driver and file system. Steve came into his cubicle and started to exhort him. “The Macintosh boots too slowly. You’ve got to make it faster!”

Larry started to explain about some of the places where he thought that he could improve things, but Steve wasn’t interested. He continued, “You know, I’ve been thinking about it. How many people are going to be using the Macintosh? A million? No, more than that. In a few years, I bet five million people will be booting up their Macintoshes at least once a day.” “Well, let’s say you can shave 10 seconds off of the boot time. Multiply that by five million users and thats 50 million seconds, every single day. Over a year, that’s probably dozens of lifetimes. So if you make it boot ten seconds faster, you’ve saved a dozen lives. That’s really worth it, don’t you think?”

We were pretty motivated to make the software go as fast as we could anyway, so I’m not sure if this pitch had much effect, but we thought it was pretty humorous, and we did manage to shave more than ten seconds off the boot time over the next couple of months.

That is the difference between Microsoft and Apple. Not the hardware, not the software, not the UI, not the marketshare, not even the market cap. But in the relationship to the work itself in each and every employee who choose to work there.

Hearts and minds November 7, 2014

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I have been staying away from politics for the past year after I came to the realization that you have to fix yourself first before you can fix the world.

But this video deserves some attention, because it’s something new. It’s a propaganda piece, meaning that it’s making an one-sided argument, but with sophisticated techniques borrowed from the West.

The closing line was – “as soon as you promise to get out of ours”.

So you can be left alone to treat women as cattle, behead anyone who makes jokes about Muhammad and indoctrinate your children that no greater glory exists than dying for Allah?

I know we in the West are no saints. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the horrible things the U.S. Government do domestically and aboard that I’ve stopped following news of any sort.

But honestly ask yourself – which society would you and your family rather live in? What human values are we willing to sacrifice in the name of religion? Do you think it would’ve been possible to make the same clip with a Muslim woman?

The jihadists are right about one thing tho – some things are worth dying for. For me, it’s fundamental human rights and freedom of my loved ones.

What do you think theirs are?

Good, bad, I’m the one with a kid October 20, 2014

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We tend to focus on good parents and write off the bad ones. Countless books on parenting tips talk about what you should do, but we rarely talk about bad parenting and where it comes from. When we do, it’s usually attributed to something unhelpful (stupidity, ignorance or moral failure).

Seriously, where are these ideal parents anyway? Have you ever met anyone who honestly think their parents were perfect?

Truth is, all parents love their children, nobody sets out to be a bad parent. Understanding where bad parenting come from is just as useful, if not more, than studying the good ones.

So it is with everything else, really. We tend to celebrate success and ignore failures, when there’s so much to learn from them.

Good, bad, I’m the one responsible for my life.

Thought for the day February 4, 2014

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The last three US presidents, and a number of prominent politicians including Rich Santorum, Clarence Thomas, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, George Pataki, Howard Dean, Ed Koch, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Bradley, John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all admitted to using schedule one drugs.

Not one of them have spent a single night in jail, yet there are over 330,000 prisoners for drug offenses, costing over 10 billion dollars a year on average.

Magna Carta, in 1215, established that even the King was not above the law. It seems like we have gone backwards since then.


Binary nature of language considered harmful January 10, 2014

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It recently occurred to me that words are inherently binary, in that it divides the world into two – into what is and what isn’t that word. For example, the word “red” divides the world of colors into “red” and “not red”, but there’s a lot more to purple and brown simply “not red”. Pretty banal observation, but then I started thinking about further implications…

For example, conservative/liberal are actually two words for one way of looking at political views, but it is just one out of potentially infinite number, and therein lies the problem. Which is that it obscures all other ways of thinking about politics. Imagine a painter that only knows “red” and “not red”, that’s how our political views are being shaped right now.

It’s perhaps no accident that the mainstream media is perpetually preoccupied with presenting everything in terms of liberal/conservative divide, because it prevents anything else other than the two party system from getting traction. For example, mixed proportional representation does not fit into the liberal/conservative narrative, and as such it actually poses an existential threat to the status quo and will never be taken seriously until we recognize what’s going on. I think of myself as leaning liberal, but there are times I disagree with the Democrats. That doesn’t mean I am confused or wrong, it just means the language we use is too limited and needs to be expanded.

Posing a yes/no question is a great way to lock one into a false dichotomy, because it prevents one from thinking about anything else. That’s why No Smoking signs actually work against smoking cessation, because it keeps smokers thinking about smoking. Once a smoker starts thinking about (not) smoking, it’s only a matter of time before they give in, because willpower is finite after all.

Another example is masculine/feminine divide. We grab a bunch of random personality traits and forcibly assign them to one gender or the other. Why is being nurturing considered feminine and being aggressive masculine? What do those traits have to do with reproductive organs? It staggers me to think how much damage this way of thinking has done to our society on a massive scale. How many men are forced to hide their “feminine side” or made to feel ashamed of being caring and considerate? How many women are afraid to be assertive because they would be socially ostracized for being unfeminine?

It seems to me that the vast majority of personality traits have little or nothing to do with sex organs. As a result of trying to explain personality traits in terms of gender, we are forced to come up with all sort of ridiculous theories about why men are this way and women are that way, when the problem all along was the unnecessary division of personality traits into the gender binary. Even expanding the binary into a spectrum doesn’t help. Defining personality traits along a spectrum along male/female line is no more useful than defining colors in terms of tonal value (aka grayscale). Defining colors this way is useful only to the colorblind (no disrespect to the colorblind intended)

Contrary to the title, the binary nature of language is not in itself harmful, and in any case cannot be avoided. We simply need to recognize this inherent limit of language and not get locked into false dichotomies. Remember that words are merely a way to model reality, not reality itself, and that “yes and no” can often be the most accurate answer to a “yes or no” question. Whenever asked “a simple yes or no question”, resist the framing and look sideways to see what the question is obscuring.

Second Chance November 4, 2013

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Being rich doesn’t make you happy, because our collective consciousness is aware of all the miseries we create. We put innocent people in jail for smoking pot for $40,000 a year, while millions of homeless people go without basic food and shelter. Billions of animals suffer unspeakable cruelty and die horrible deaths because we want cheap meat. Billions and billions of dollars wasted on manufacturing of weapons and brainwashing, because our ideas of what life is about is stuck in the Stone Age.

We are miserable, even if we are comfortable, because we sense all this injustice and misery around us. We numb ourselves with consumption and materialism, and build ourselves comfortable prisons. The best we can hope for is to die without too much discomfort after we are used up (aka retirement). We are told we are powerless to change it, that it is just the way it is and always will be. That’s a lie.

The way it is is the way we allow it to be.

As Bill Hicks said, evolution did not stop with us growing thumbs. It is time to evolve ideas. Religion and governments are not working because they are no longer relevant. They were training wheels of our past and it’s time to let them go because they are holding us back.

As a sentient species, we are at the point of being able to control the direction of our evolution. It is up to us to decide what kind of future reality we will create. Evolution is happening right now, at an accelerating pace. Every day, we are deciding what kind of species we are evolving towards – angry, warlike, selfish enslavers, or happy, peaceful and benevolent liberators.

Prisons and military are how enslavers breed more enslavers. Governments are nothing more than protection rackets that take the fruits of our labor and turn them into weapons which they use to enforce their slavery of us. Don’t believe it? Try not paying taxes and see what happens.

What’s at stake is not just the suffering of the imprisoned and enslaved, but the future of our species. We are not citizens, we are enslaved subjects of the state.

War on Drugs is more correctly understood as War on Consciousness, because psychedelics can temporarily free our minds and see the reality of our situation. War on Drugs directly feeds the prison industrial complex to create more enslavers. As my friend David said, we used to exile or kill criminals because we thought the cruelty of locking them up in cages was beneath us. Now we have a government that systematically imprison and torture people in the name of “national security”. We have a surveillance state that is global in scale.

So what do we do now? It’s tempting to want to start a revolution, to fight fire with fire, dismantle civilization and start over. The problem is that we cannot afford to do that at this point. Even if we could overthrow the current regime of violent enslavers, our planet doesn’t have that much more left for us to start over from scratch. Violence will beget more violence and we’d end up where we started.

What we need is a second chance.

Give yourself a second chance, by giving someone else a second chance.

Giving ourselves a second chance, by giving each other a second chance.

We shall seek redemption not from above, not in isolation, but from each other. By helping others who will then in turn help more people, we will create more liberators and push back against the enslaver strand of our species. We can’t get off this planet until we eradicate or at least subdue the enslavers, such virulent species cannot be allowed to run amok in the galaxy.

Look around and reach out directly to other people. Ignore mass media and propaganda, the enslavers control almost all of our social apparatus at this point. Instead, focus on what we can do at a personal, one on one basis. It is not enough to just survive individually, we need to liberate ourselves and our species.

To be continued…

Think Different March 11, 2013

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As human beings, we all crave acceptance, it’s part of our evolutionary heritage as social primates. However, when acceptance is not possible, shoot for something higher – shoot for being true to yourself

Biting the hand that feeds you August 28, 2012

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Heard on radio this morning – Republican Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal asking President Obama for more Federal aid to help prepare for hurricane season.

This is the same guy who, delivering the Republican response to Obama’s address of Congress, said “Today in Washington, some are promising that government will rescue us from the economic storms raging all around us, those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina, we have our doubts.”

At this point, Republicans can’t even be bothered to create any pretense of rationality and responsibility, because they grasp the basic fact that politics in America is no longer about governance that requires compromise, but a spectator sport between different tribes.

For once, I am going to agree with Rush Limbaugh. Liberals are responsible for this mess, liberals are responsible for this tribalization of America. Their postmodern moral equivalence has led to a value-free society, a vacuum seized upon by the religious right. When you insist all belief systems are equally valid and deserving the same respect, you no longer have the ability to articulate why we should reject religious fundamentalism and support liberal pluralism. We’ve handcuffed ourselves so we have no coherent response to “my ignorance is as good as your knowledge”. Willful ignorance beats intellectual superiority, every time, if we lack the courage in our own convictions.

Liberals created this monster which is now eating them alive. That’s the uncomfortable truth we have to confront. It’s time to reassert values found in during the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, we don’t have to offer equal respect to all belief systems. Religious fundamentalism does not deserve respect, whether they are the Taliban or Christian variety. Equal rights does not mean equal respect. Rights are protected for all, but respect have to be earned on their own merit.

It’s time to end this idiotic nonsense before they end the crowning achievement of humanity – the great American experiment in true Democracy.