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Short Story #1 February 10, 2015

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Alyson is getting to the age when she feels the ticking of her biological clock louder each day. But the price you pay for becoming a multimillionaire at the age of 35 is that all the good ones are taken, at least the ones you know. An ever present challenge for the rich is figuring out if someone is interested in you or your money. So it’ll have to be someone she has known for a long time.

All the good ones were taken, except Jack, that is. Jack has known Alyson since they were next door neighbors at the age of four, and have stayed friends ever since. Like Alyson, Jack is successful on his own. He’s recently divorced, luckily with no children. He’d be ideal, except he’s never seen Alyson “that way”, or so he says. However, this might have something to do with the fact that Alyson is the first plus sized supermodel in the world.

Alyson is not the kind of woman who accepts her fate quietly, even if she did make the conscious choice to engorge herself in a calculated move to go after the nascent plus sized niche. The truth was, she had the perfect body for conventional modeling, but decided it was worth trading it off for a shot at superstardom. That decision has made her more money than she could spend in many lifetimes, plus the name recognition to build whatever empire she wants next. But whereas a man in her position would not exactly lack for ladies’ interest, her suitors were few and far between. Some things are just never going to be equal between the sexes.

Alyson approached this problem the same way she approached everything in her life, a head on attack with the subtlety of a battle axe, yet always with an unusual twist. The kind that was obvious in hindsight, but for some reason nobody ever saw it before she did.

If my plus sized body is considered inferior by the standards of conventional beauty, it is the standards of beauty that needs to change, and fast! Alyson thought, before the idea revealed itself in the typical (to her anyway) blinding light fashion. A nudist colony full of beautiful plus sized models! She decided to call it – Radiance.

A couple of years later, the idea took off like a rocket, like Alyson knew it would. She was soon on the cover of many magazines, including Playboy! Radiance spawned a burgeoning media empire by becoming the center of the fat acceptance movement that has increased in size explosively, so to speak, in recent years. For her impeccable timing, her bold imagination, not to mention her unshakable faith in herself, she was rewarded with a ballooning net worth, as her popularity soared to the peak of her career.

Finally, Alyson feels like she has accomplished enough in her life to devote the rest of her life to simply being a mother. That’s all she ever wanted at this point, said Alyson to herself, not much to ask, really. In other words, now that she’s had her cake, she would like to eat it now, too, please.

So the moment of truth. She invited Jack over for dinner tonight. She’s going to approach this the same way she approaches everything else – a head on attack with the subtlety of a battle axe, yet always with an unusual twist…