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Second Chance November 4, 2013

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Being rich doesn’t make you happy, because our collective consciousness is aware of all the miseries we create. We put innocent people in jail for smoking pot for $40,000 a year, while millions of homeless people go without basic food and shelter. Billions of animals suffer unspeakable cruelty and die horrible deaths because we want cheap meat. Billions and billions of dollars wasted on manufacturing of weapons and brainwashing, because our ideas of what life is about is stuck in the Stone Age.

We are miserable, even if we are comfortable, because we sense all this injustice and misery around us. We numb ourselves with consumption and materialism, and build ourselves comfortable prisons. The best we can hope for is to die without too much discomfort after we are used up (aka retirement). We are told we are powerless to change it, that it is just the way it is and always will be. That’s a lie.

The way it is is the way we allow it to be.

As Bill Hicks said, evolution did not stop with us growing thumbs. It is time to evolve ideas. Religion and governments are not working because they are no longer relevant. They were training wheels of our past and it’s time to let them go because they are holding us back.

As a sentient species, we are at the point of being able to control the direction of our evolution. It is up to us to decide what kind of future reality we will create. Evolution is happening right now, at an accelerating pace. Every day, we are deciding what kind of species we are evolving towards – angry, warlike, selfish enslavers, or happy, peaceful and benevolent liberators.

Prisons and military are how enslavers breed more enslavers. Governments are nothing more than protection rackets that take the fruits of our labor and turn them into weapons which they use to enforce their slavery of us. Don’t believe it? Try not paying taxes and see what happens.

What’s at stake is not just the suffering of the imprisoned and enslaved, but the future of our species. We are not citizens, we are enslaved subjects of the state.

War on Drugs is more correctly understood as War on Consciousness, because psychedelics can temporarily free our minds and see the reality of our situation. War on Drugs directly feeds the prison industrial complex to create more enslavers. As my friend David said, we used to exile or kill criminals because we thought the cruelty of locking them up in cages was beneath us. Now we have a government that systematically imprison and torture people in the name of “national security”. We have a surveillance state that is global in scale.

So what do we do now? It’s tempting to want to start a revolution, to fight fire with fire, dismantle civilization and start over. The problem is that we cannot afford to do that at this point. Even if we could overthrow the current regime of violent enslavers, our planet doesn’t have that much more left for us to start over from scratch. Violence will beget more violence and we’d end up where we started.

What we need is a second chance.

Give yourself a second chance, by giving someone else a second chance.

Giving ourselves a second chance, by giving each other a second chance.

We shall seek redemption not from above, not in isolation, but from each other. By helping others who will then in turn help more people, we will create more liberators and push back against the enslaver strand of our species. We can’t get off this planet until we eradicate or at least subdue the enslavers, such virulent species cannot be allowed to run amok in the galaxy.

Look around and reach out directly to other people. Ignore mass media and propaganda, the enslavers control almost all of our social apparatus at this point. Instead, focus on what we can do at a personal, one on one basis. It is not enough to just survive individually, we need to liberate ourselves and our species.

To be continued…