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Chief Tyrol and The Junior Knuckledragger (that’s me!) April 5, 2010

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1. Drunken Economist - December 7, 2010

You reeeeeeally need to blur the card, sweety. Or whack this entry.

I don’t need to know where you work, and as a Mac user, I should mention two words: “Evernote” “Kickass OCR”. Okay, that’s three. My point is this tech like this exists on the serverside. DO NOT make it so damn easily for the slime to find you. Seriously.

But even without OCR, slime like the slime you complained about ‘stalking’ you (like recruiters, journalists, etal) now have actionable info.

Another tip. All mentions of where you work should be “the company”. All comments from other users should be moderated *and* mentions/images of the company by name should be REDACTED.

This is just my 2 yen, as someone who used to work for another “company”, just down the road from yours. Since retired tho’.

I know, I know, just who is this @ss lecturing me. And all that.

Answer: Someone who doesn’t want to use your corp email. Or see this comment on the blog in question.

-Drunken Economist

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